Sz+ is a graphic design agency run by Ron Olij. It is situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The agency was founded in 1999 under the name of bureau Stijlzorg (Style Care Agency), and from 2017 on the name is changed to Sz+.
With a background in book- and identity design, text-editing and photography Sz+ is an all-round agency with some decades of experience. In the last years our work has developed in the direction of web and interactivity. We enjoy working together with other experts and clients on making the transition from traditional to new media a meaningful transition. In the proces our activities on infographics now range from static, illustrative to interactive varieties. Traditionally most of our clients come from the field of social sciences and culture, but we also enjoy taking care of the identity of small(er) bussinesses. We value an open, positive and creatively stimulating relation with co-workers and clients, and strongly believe this creates added value for products. 

About Ron Olij (1960) 

I worked as an editor and publisher for about 15 years, and followed studies in publishing and text editing. In graphic design I’m mostly autodidact, but was lucky to work with great Dutch graphic designers, like Harry Sierman (Amsterdam, 1927-2007) and Marco Koedam and Ann Conefrey (Zeist, This was and is of great educational value. I also learn a lot from working together with Ien van Laanen (Dutch illustrator, Geldermalsen,, a cooperation that over the years has resulted in quite a bunch of great products. In the last years I work together with Lisa Dalhuijsen (Studio With, Den Haag, on a regular basis for interactive projects.